A Good Try to Flourish Humanity by Priyansh Foundation

We consider India as a developing nation, but when we think of every aspect, are we actually developing?

Even though we have come far ahead of what we are in the last few decades, but still there is some section of people in our country, who are not getting the basic requirements of life. To name few of them

  • Education which is still at a very low level
  • Number of people below poverty line is high
  • There is a lack of proper healthcare facilities
  • Lack of proper hygiene in most of the region of our country which is leading to spread of deadly diseases.


There is no doubt that government is taking many strong initiatives to help this underprivilege population of our country, but still, we have a long distance to cover to make our country a developed country. A large number of Non-profit organization have come out in recent years and are making a strong contribution for solving this serious issue. But unfortunately, not all NGO are being successful in serving the persistence. In the beginning they are working at a very rapid pace, but with time they are slowing down. Very few NGO are there who are maintaining their consistency.

At first, let’s discuss what is the role of NGO for our societal development?

Well, we all know that NGO plays a very important role in the wellbeing of the human being. Their main role is to fight for the rights of needy people. They try to reach every corner of our country to help them and they are mostly funded by some private organization or individuals. They try to make people aware of all important things and support government for development of our society.

Priyansh foundation is one of such non-profit organization located in Delhi. This NGO is making a great contribution for the empowerment of this underprivileged population. Basically, NGO focuses on one certain area at a time like some focus on education, some on medical but Priyansh foundation NGO is making great efforts for development in various sectors such as education, healthcare, underprivileged people overall development, vocational training, employment and many more.

Now let’s discuss briefly on all the sectors on which Priyansh foundationNGO is working for development of our nation:

  1. Education

Priyansh foundation focuses on the educational development of the underdeveloped population. It works on the motto that if we will work together for our society, then we can bring remarkable changes in the field of education. It helps these peoples by providing them free books, pencils, and other such materials. Then This NGO tries to make this under-privilege person aware of the importance of education.

  1. Health

Although, India has made rapid development in the health sector since independence, still large section of people is deprived of these major healthcare facilities. This is because of lack of awareness and lack of proper basic knowledge on health. Therefore, this NGO concentrates on making people aware of the basic facts of health. Priyansh foundationapproaches in two different ways one by giving good quality health care facilities at the doorsteps of the needy people and secondly, awareness and contemporary health care services.

      3        Institutional care

    Priyansh Foundation NGO has opened up an Institutional care centre, where it gives shelter to homeless child,children of HIV/AIDS parents, sex workers and other such vulnerable categories. Here they are provided with all basic necessities of life within a homely atmosphere.Under this centre 28 % orphans,41% single parent and 31% economic orphans are staying.

  1.  Child welfare organizat priyansh foundation ngo delhi ion

Priyansh foundation is constantly involved in various support training and supplement programs for children’s. It works on the motto “save the children” and works for the rights of children giving much prioritiesto the education of child and protection of the child.

  1.  Making disabled kids abled

Priyansh foundation NGO is such a place where many children who are physically handicapped or suffering from diseases like polio, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism are given a chance to live a normal life. They are given a chance to become self-independent. Various training is offered in speech development, Psyche-motor development, vocational development. This NGO is in constant effort to make our country a better place for these disabled peoples.

  1.  Facilities for senior citizens

Priyansh foundation has a special old age home where it gives shelters to old age peoples who have nobody to look after them. They provide them with all necessities of life and try to make their life comfortable. They are offered many pension plans, to make their life comfortable.

With all these facilities Priyansh Foundation is making a tremendous contribution to the betterment of our nation. Different other organization are now supporting this NGO for carrying out its activities.


Empower Dis-Abled Kids with a Leading NGO Working for Education

God has gifted every individual with special qualities, but we as a human have divided our-selves in many ways. People who lack one or the other common human traits do not mean that they are not capable enough to live their life in the same way we are living. There are many NGO working for education of specially-abled kids by providing necessary trainings, education facilities, and other needful help.

Priyansh Foundation have special center for differently abled kids. At this place, our trained staff provide them all the needful services like identification, intervention, education, vocational training and other kind of trainings followed by employment opportunities. We have children with intellectual disability, cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Hearing impaired, speech impaired, Muscular Dystrophy and other physical impairments from slum areas that are not treated well in the society. These kids needs special attention and care, this is why we have trained our staff to handle them in appropriate way. Many children have strong grasping power and with little help they gain knowledge in a fantastic way.

Lot of organizations as well as individuals are helping us in different way in this good cause. Being a Non-Profit organization, we don’t seek any governmental help and manage to continue working for needy people through our own expenses. It is a high time for all of us to act more for these kids. People offer us help in different ways like by donating money to our foundation, by volunteering in our different initiatives and many more. We are also among those NGO health care services that provide free medical facilities to every needy individual. Kid’s parents are extremely happy with the improvement in their wards. We monitor child’s performance and improvement in regular basis that includes monitoring variable like speech, gait, psycho-motor development as well as vocational therapies. These regular efforts followed by monitoring process help them in living life just like any other normal kid.

Let’s give more power to differently abled kids. Join the league and get in touch with us. Being one of the leading NGO working for education, we know how to proceed for making every child successful.

Reasons to Support NGO Working for Education!


a11We can find many NGO working for education and supporting disadvantaged children in going schools. Every year loads of children are sent to rehabilitation centers for getting rid of harmful drugs and the reason why they go in a wrong direction is that they don’t get basic education in childhood days. NGO Health care services are of great importance in this case because it is them who give free medical facilities. Our foundation is serving society in many ways by helping children with no one to take care off. Priyansh Foundation picks children from streets who are found begging, children who are involved in picking garbage and many other who never gets chance to cherish their childhood days due to poverty.

Volunteers visit remote areas and see how children can be benefited. We believe that Right to education is everyone’s right, but this right is not accessible by numerous underprivileged children. We have already taken many initiatives in order to benefit them with quality education as well as healthcare facilities, therefore give them equal chance to live. In spite of many initiatives by government, numerous children are left without education facility. This demands more and more number of organizations to unite for this noble cause. Organizations have already realized this need and importance. Many individuals and organizations are coming to us for offering a helping hand. They either donate money or volunteers with us.

Main Source: http://foundationpriyansh.blogspot.in/2017/11/reasons-to-support-ngo-working-for.html

Hearing the Un-heard Pain of Senior Citizens

It is a great irony that many of our elders who are living second innings of their life do not have anyone to support them. We all know how difficult is to live life without any support, especially in old age. As the age increases, factors like strength and health starts decreasing rapidly. Hence, they need equal attention as that of kids.

Usually every parent spent their initial stages of life in earning a good living, nurturing their children with lots of care and other basic facilities of life like food, care as well as shelter. But when their children become independent and move out in search of jobs, parents are left alone. Due to loneliness many elders suffer from acute depression, which in-turn develops many other health issues. In worst scenario, they even loose the battle of life alone.

We at Priyansh Foundation are in mission to provide respect, care and affection to every disadvantaged old age person. Being one of the best NGO in Delhi, we have many centers where these golden agers are provided shelter for free including food, healthcare facilities and other basic necessities. Our staff tries best to keep them comfortable and happy on their second innings because we understand how difficult it is to stay apart from your family member and without any helping hand.

Dignity is what they want to live with at this point of time. Our old age homes are successfully running and we hope to open many more in future. But as we are a non-government organization, we have to manage necessary expenditure on our own. Thanks to those corporate firms and individuals who are actively donating us for helping every old age individual. We encourage more and more number of golden agers to come out of their home and become an active player in life. We call it active ageing and this is practiced when senior citizens remain active in every aspect of life like physically, mentally and socially. None among the best NGO in Delhi pursue these kinds of activities exclusively for senior citizens.

Even you can raise a helping hand to golden agers through us. Join the league!


Are you thinking of spending few bucks for a social cause?

There are tremendous opportunities to spread love and care towards underprivileged population. Priyansh foundation helps children in going school whose parents cannot afford basic education. We also give wonderful opportunity to people like you for helping these disadvantaged children in various ways.

We often think about living in developed nation but very few think about how our nation can be developed. Every advanced or developed nation has high education rate and zero illiterates, which makes every youth capable to earn a livelihood for them. Kids are our future. In India, education rate is very low because there are thousands of children who cannot access school for initial studies also, then how can we imagine of sending them for higher education and ultimately live a successful life.

Children of slum areas and rural area need our help very urgently. Hence, Priyansh foundation NGO Delhi is actively helping these children in every possible manner; we sponsor their education, provide books, stationaries and even give shelter to those whose parents are struggling hard for arranging a permanent shelter. Many companies and individuals also donate and help our foundation for this noble cause, hence more and more number of children is benefitted by us now. You can either donate desired amount to our foundation or can provide other related stationaries to us. There are millions of children who spend day and night working with their parents, we want to reach every kid out there because education is their right and is the only way to secure our country’s future, so ours too.

Let us join hands to help disabled children, kids of slum areas and rural areas to enlighten India’s future as a whole. Priyansh Foundation is a dedicated trust who works for betterment of our society and child education is one of them.