There are tremendous opportunities to spread love and care towards underprivileged population. Priyansh foundation helps children in going school whose parents cannot afford basic education. We also give wonderful opportunity to people like you for helping these disadvantaged children in various ways.

We often think about living in developed nation but very few think about how our nation can be developed. Every advanced or developed nation has high education rate and zero illiterates, which makes every youth capable to earn a livelihood for them. Kids are our future. In India, education rate is very low because there are thousands of children who cannot access school for initial studies also, then how can we imagine of sending them for higher education and ultimately live a successful life.

Children of slum areas and rural area need our help very urgently. Hence, Priyansh foundation NGO Delhi is actively helping these children in every possible manner; we sponsor their education, provide books, stationaries and even give shelter to those whose parents are struggling hard for arranging a permanent shelter. Many companies and individuals also donate and help our foundation for this noble cause, hence more and more number of children is benefitted by us now. You can either donate desired amount to our foundation or can provide other related stationaries to us. There are millions of children who spend day and night working with their parents, we want to reach every kid out there because education is their right and is the only way to secure our country’s future, so ours too.

Let us join hands to help disabled children, kids of slum areas and rural areas to enlighten India’s future as a whole. Priyansh Foundation is a dedicated trust who works for betterment of our society and child education is one of them.


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