It is a great irony that many of our elders who are living second innings of their life do not have anyone to support them. We all know how difficult is to live life without any support, especially in old age. As the age increases, factors like strength and health starts decreasing rapidly. Hence, they need equal attention as that of kids.

Usually every parent spent their initial stages of life in earning a good living, nurturing their children with lots of care and other basic facilities of life like food, care as well as shelter. But when their children become independent and move out in search of jobs, parents are left alone. Due to loneliness many elders suffer from acute depression, which in-turn develops many other health issues. In worst scenario, they even loose the battle of life alone.

We at Priyansh Foundation are in mission to provide respect, care and affection to every disadvantaged old age person. Being one of the best NGO in Delhi, we have many centers where these golden agers are provided shelter for free including food, healthcare facilities and other basic necessities. Our staff tries best to keep them comfortable and happy on their second innings because we understand how difficult it is to stay apart from your family member and without any helping hand.

Dignity is what they want to live with at this point of time. Our old age homes are successfully running and we hope to open many more in future. But as we are a non-government organization, we have to manage necessary expenditure on our own. Thanks to those corporate firms and individuals who are actively donating us for helping every old age individual. We encourage more and more number of golden agers to come out of their home and become an active player in life. We call it active ageing and this is practiced when senior citizens remain active in every aspect of life like physically, mentally and socially. None among the best NGO in Delhi pursue these kinds of activities exclusively for senior citizens.

Even you can raise a helping hand to golden agers through us. Join the league!



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