a11We can find many NGO working for education and supporting disadvantaged children in going schools. Every year loads of children are sent to rehabilitation centers for getting rid of harmful drugs and the reason why they go in a wrong direction is that they don’t get basic education in childhood days. NGO Health care services are of great importance in this case because it is them who give free medical facilities. Our foundation is serving society in many ways by helping children with no one to take care off. Priyansh Foundation picks children from streets who are found begging, children who are involved in picking garbage and many other who never gets chance to cherish their childhood days due to poverty.

Volunteers visit remote areas and see how children can be benefited. We believe that Right to education is everyone’s right, but this right is not accessible by numerous underprivileged children. We have already taken many initiatives in order to benefit them with quality education as well as healthcare facilities, therefore give them equal chance to live. In spite of many initiatives by government, numerous children are left without education facility. This demands more and more number of organizations to unite for this noble cause. Organizations have already realized this need and importance. Many individuals and organizations are coming to us for offering a helping hand. They either donate money or volunteers with us.

Main Source: http://foundationpriyansh.blogspot.in/2017/11/reasons-to-support-ngo-working-for.html


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