God has gifted every individual with special qualities, but we as a human have divided our-selves in many ways. People who lack one or the other common human traits do not mean that they are not capable enough to live their life in the same way we are living. There are many NGO working for education of specially-abled kids by providing necessary trainings, education facilities, and other needful help.

Priyansh Foundation have special center for differently abled kids. At this place, our trained staff provide them all the needful services like identification, intervention, education, vocational training and other kind of trainings followed by employment opportunities. We have children with intellectual disability, cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Hearing impaired, speech impaired, Muscular Dystrophy and other physical impairments from slum areas that are not treated well in the society. These kids needs special attention and care, this is why we have trained our staff to handle them in appropriate way. Many children have strong grasping power and with little help they gain knowledge in a fantastic way.

Lot of organizations as well as individuals are helping us in different way in this good cause. Being a Non-Profit organization, we don’t seek any governmental help and manage to continue working for needy people through our own expenses. It is a high time for all of us to act more for these kids. People offer us help in different ways like by donating money to our foundation, by volunteering in our different initiatives and many more. We are also among those NGO health care services that provide free medical facilities to every needy individual. Kid’s parents are extremely happy with the improvement in their wards. We monitor child’s performance and improvement in regular basis that includes monitoring variable like speech, gait, psycho-motor development as well as vocational therapies. These regular efforts followed by monitoring process help them in living life just like any other normal kid.

Let’s give more power to differently abled kids. Join the league and get in touch with us. Being one of the leading NGO working for education, we know how to proceed for making every child successful.


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