We consider India as a developing nation, but when we think of every aspect, are we actually developing?

Even though we have come far ahead of what we are in the last few decades, but still there is some section of people in our country, who are not getting the basic requirements of life. To name few of them

  • Education which is still at a very low level
  • Number of people below poverty line is high
  • There is a lack of proper healthcare facilities
  • Lack of proper hygiene in most of the region of our country which is leading to spread of deadly diseases.


There is no doubt that government is taking many strong initiatives to help this underprivilege population of our country, but still, we have a long distance to cover to make our country a developed country. A large number of Non-profit organization have come out in recent years and are making a strong contribution for solving this serious issue. But unfortunately, not all NGO are being successful in serving the persistence. In the beginning they are working at a very rapid pace, but with time they are slowing down. Very few NGO are there who are maintaining their consistency.

At first, let’s discuss what is the role of NGO for our societal development?

Well, we all know that NGO plays a very important role in the wellbeing of the human being. Their main role is to fight for the rights of needy people. They try to reach every corner of our country to help them and they are mostly funded by some private organization or individuals. They try to make people aware of all important things and support government for development of our society.

Priyansh foundation is one of such non-profit organization located in Delhi. This NGO is making a great contribution for the empowerment of this underprivileged population. Basically, NGO focuses on one certain area at a time like some focus on education, some on medical but Priyansh foundation NGO is making great efforts for development in various sectors such as education, healthcare, underprivileged people overall development, vocational training, employment and many more.

Now let’s discuss briefly on all the sectors on which Priyansh foundationNGO is working for development of our nation:

  1. Education

Priyansh foundation focuses on the educational development of the underdeveloped population. It works on the motto that if we will work together for our society, then we can bring remarkable changes in the field of education. It helps these peoples by providing them free books, pencils, and other such materials. Then This NGO tries to make this under-privilege person aware of the importance of education.

  1. Health

Although, India has made rapid development in the health sector since independence, still large section of people is deprived of these major healthcare facilities. This is because of lack of awareness and lack of proper basic knowledge on health. Therefore, this NGO concentrates on making people aware of the basic facts of health. Priyansh foundationapproaches in two different ways one by giving good quality health care facilities at the doorsteps of the needy people and secondly, awareness and contemporary health care services.

      3        Institutional care

    Priyansh Foundation NGO has opened up an Institutional care centre, where it gives shelter to homeless child,children of HIV/AIDS parents, sex workers and other such vulnerable categories. Here they are provided with all basic necessities of life within a homely atmosphere.Under this centre 28 % orphans,41% single parent and 31% economic orphans are staying.

  1.  Child welfare organizat priyansh foundation ngo delhi ion

Priyansh foundation is constantly involved in various support training and supplement programs for children’s. It works on the motto “save the children” and works for the rights of children giving much prioritiesto the education of child and protection of the child.

  1.  Making disabled kids abled

Priyansh foundation NGO is such a place where many children who are physically handicapped or suffering from diseases like polio, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism are given a chance to live a normal life. They are given a chance to become self-independent. Various training is offered in speech development, Psyche-motor development, vocational development. This NGO is in constant effort to make our country a better place for these disabled peoples.

  1.  Facilities for senior citizens

Priyansh foundation has a special old age home where it gives shelters to old age peoples who have nobody to look after them. They provide them with all necessities of life and try to make their life comfortable. They are offered many pension plans, to make their life comfortable.

With all these facilities Priyansh Foundation is making a tremendous contribution to the betterment of our nation. Different other organization are now supporting this NGO for carrying out its activities.


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